Current Design Status

Currently Designing - Prototype 6

Example image - aligned to the rightExample image - aligned to the right

45 strings; fully chromatic throughout bass range and melody range.

Optimized string length (longer bass strings).

Radiused top plate with bass lobe and improved bridging.

Integrated 3d printing techniques throughout the upper action - improved design freedom:

Example image - aligned to the right

Currently Playing - Prototype 5

This 42 string harp body was commissioned from luthier Alec Anness. The design optimizes the string surface allowing improved pitch range to high D; it is fully chromatic in the melody range which is identical to prototype 6. There are 9 bass strings the lowest corresponding to a guitar low E. The sound is warm and robust and has allowed significant development of technique (and in the process - abandoning all picks save thumb pick).

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I have built the upper action with a similar design intent as for prototype 3, with various improvements.



Two integrated small daiphragm condenser microphones provide sound reinforcement for louder ensemble work such as the Adelphi Contemporary Music Ensemble (below, taken from a concert in Peel Hall, Salford 2014)




Example image - aligned to the right